See Spot Run Kennel

It’s official. See Spot Run is kennel incognito no longer.

After many moons, and assailing many obstacles, from uncooperative designers to uncooperative weather, from missing banners to mis-measured templates, from false starts to false claims, our modest factory building at long last boasts honest-to-goodness signage.

In case you’re wondering who those dogs are on the banners, the far pair are both Atlas (so far, he has not taken note of his celebrity). The nearest features longtime Lhasa Apso client Bella Mae. And the somewhat Satanic looking Dachshund representing our daycare service is unknown to me except as the subject of a photo acquired online at the 11th hour, after I finally came to grips with the inconvenient fact that the pic I really wanted to use would not reproduce well.

Frankly, he creeps me out a little, but c’est la vie.