I’ve been fiddling with a new camera, and fiddling with a new dog. It seemed only right I should film a training session.

Up to this point, I’d been working mainly on leash skills, basic obedience, and socialization, which has all gone pretty swimmingly. But I thought it high time to do some remote collar work.

It’s been awful hot here lately, but I was itching to put this guy on a long line, so seized my opportunity on a day when the heat was less oppressive and the park unusually quiet. He’d done remote collar work in the past with another trainer, but that was a while back, so I figured we’d start from square one.

I often prepare clients for introductory remote collar training by explaining that early sessions may appear chaotic in the beginning, but tend to fall into order soon enough.

This short video is a good illustration of that promise, despite being a poor illustration of my aptitude as a trainer. For the record, we have not had another bolt since this outing (despite encountering various critters), but you can bet I’m always paying attention.

And no, I did not hit the tree, but thanks for your concern.