Grinding Concrete

Day One: grinding concrete

I know it’s been awhile. I haven’t forgotten. Although the fumes may be getting to me.

Here at the kennel, we are embroiled in a storm of renovation. So far, we have new signs, and there is right now a fresh coat of epoxy drying on the floor downstairs.

Grinding Concrete

Day One: more grinding

Getting the signs up was an interesting adventure, to say the least. But as of this afternoon, we are sporting four banners and some old school aluminum letters across our facade. With any luck, they’ll make it through the winter more gracefully than their somewhat haphazard installation might imply.

As for the floors, time will tell.

Day Two: first coat of epoxy

After considering various options, we finally went for a two-coat epoxy with a little bit of grip.  Nothing fancy, but plenty expensive nonetheless.

These floor guys came highly recommended by a veterinarian I know who recently renovated his own facility.

All I know is the floor looks really freaking nice now.

Day Two: almost dry

I almost don’t want to step on it, which works out since I can’t anyhow for another 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the dogs currently enrolled in training (4 in all), along with 2 fosters, are camped out upstairs in the loft space I normally share exclusively with my (very understanding) husband, kids, and 3 personal dogs.

Day Three: second coat applied

Day Three: non-slip texture

I am told the floor will be dry by noon tomorrow. And also that Santa Claus is coming.

Anyhow, I promise to get back to blogging once the dust settles.

Thank you for your patience.

It is worth its weight in two-coat epoxy.

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