I chose this year to cook my first Christmas goose. Didn’t realize I’d need a trussing needle. Live and learn.

Happily, my husband has a small machine shop in the rear of our loft space, and I remembered an unopened packet of barbecue skewers in a low drawer. In the time it took me to finish chopping the sage and mixing the stuffing, my better half had successfully machined one into a proper needle.

I am a lucky woman. And my goose was duly trussed.

Trussed Goose

By the way, I highly recommend the method of boiling the unstuffed goose for one minute and then drying it completely, prior to roasting. The recipe suggested 24 to 48 hours in the refrigerator, but a hair dryer works, too. We stuffed it with a simple dressing made of bread, onions, celery, apple, thyme, sage, and an obscene amount of butter. Then we seasoned the skin with salt and pepper and dry roasted it.

In other Christmas news, we witnessed some remarkably heinous behavior on the part of a motorist, as we exited church following midnight mass around 2:30 AM. Apparently incensed by the temerity of these churchgoing pedestrians using the crosswalk at such an hour, the pickup truck driver deliberately charged the stream of people filing across Chicago Avenue, then paused in the middle of the intersection to fling open his door and shout obscenities at them, and not garden-variety obscenities, either. I guess I should be glad this particular lunatic didn’t have a gun.