Meanwhile, back at the kennel… April saw the long awaited launch of See Spot Run’s new website (replacing the dinosaur we built back in 2004). Thanks to Lauren Wozney of Pathways Creative, who also moonlights as a training assistant.

Above is a shot of See Spot Run’s new home page. Follow the link to view the whole site. It’s still a work in progress in a number of respects, but we’re nonetheless very proud. Comments welcome.

On a side note, Lauren also joined me in attending the IAABC conference in Rhode Island in late April, where we were pleased to meet and exchange thoughts with a number of fellow trainers, including Connecticut trainer Michael Shikashio of Complete Canines, and Brian Burton and Sarah Fraser of Instinct Dog Behavior & Training in NYC.

I also had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Susan Friedman, who was presenting at the conference, to discuss some concerns regarding the current application of her Humane Hierarchy within the field of dog training. Those concerns, and Dr. Friedman’s own thoughts, will be the subject of an upcoming post.

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