We left Chicago a few hours behind schedule on Saturday, but managed to make it to Cheyenne, Wyoming, before bedding down at a really civilized dog-friendly hotel.

I almost balked at the $35 pet fee, until I considered how much I would personally charge to clean up after certain pets I know.

I took a couple pics of my husband posing with my pit bull Atlas at a pit stop in Nebraska. I’m pretty sure I saw a horror movie shot at this location.

Atlas seems fully recovered from his bout of salivary gland infection, but he will not be enjoying any bones on this trip, just to be safe.

Before reaching Jackson Hole on Sunday, we stopped for lunch at Grandma’s Cafe.

Atlas was a little distracted on our brief walk by a handsome pair of Boxers, who were checking us out from behind the fence of the neighboring yard.

I really like the male on the right. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a beefy boxer like that.