Sorry for being slow to post the end results of our kennel renovation. Mason did complete their install on schedule, despite three small panels needing to be refabricated at the factory and shipped here mid-week.

I could not be more pleased, particularly with the installation itself. So worth the money to avoid doing it ourselves.

View from front of facility

View from rear of facility

Floor plan

Sparta looks good in yellow. His 4x5 run has 3-ft-tall FRP on two sides for partial privacy.

Sophie (AKA "Sufi") and her hedgehog enjoying the comfort of an x-large Kurunda pet cot. Sophie's 4x5 run has 3-ft-tall FRP panels on three sides.

Gainer and Worley occupy a two-kennel "suite" with no opaque barrier between them.

Phoebe's 4x5 run has 4-ft-tall stainless steel sides and a white FRP back panel. She's laying on a Kurunda all-aluminum x-large pet cot with heavy-duty vinyl.