A friend of mine who teaches agility wrote me a few weeks back, and mentioned her enrollment in a pair of long-distance courses taught by Silvia Trkman. I’d heard of Trkman before now, but not paid too close attention. Mainly, I recall her producing a video called Heeling Is Just Another Trick, and that it had inspired an interesting discussion on a trainer list or two.

Well, I visited her website, and decided to take the plunge. So many of my clients have expressed interest in learning tricks over the years, and in preparing their dogs for agility work, I thought her Puppy/Tricks Class would be a sound investment. It starts next week and lasts three months, over which students are encouraged (or possibly required, not really sure) to post videos of their practice sessions for comment and discussion.

There are several samples of such videos on her website, but the one I enjoyed most was this one, depicting puppy class graduation night at her training center in Slovenia. Some of the exercises may be slightly less dignified or practical than what I’m personally accustomed to, but I would certainly Not Be Embarrassed to turn out a puppy class of this caliber.