I don’t get a chance to get away to too many dog training conferences. It’s been three years since I attended my last one, which was an IACP conference down in Texas. That event was a mixed bag: a number of really worthwhile presentations spread out over far more hours than seemed required. Not to mention it was summer in Texas.

Since then, I’ve been a little gun shy. On the one hand, I relish the opportunity to meet fellow trainers across a wide range of disciplines, especially those I’ve enjoyed corresponding with online over the years. And I’m always up for hearing great talks…but I frankly dread the thought of putting in so much chair time over a three-day period. And I’ve made a personal rule to avoid conferences headlined by a short list of television trainers (my personal prejudice, sorry), which leaves relatively few to choose from.

Anyhow, I’m casting my lot this year with the IAABC conference. I’ll be attending along with one or more additional See Spot Run training staff, in hopes of broadening my horizons and putting faces to a few of the names I’ve gotten to know since joining a little over a year ago. If anyone reading this is interested, there is an early bird discount for registering by February 19th.