New from Dogtra, whose electronic collars I use pretty exclusively. I’m frankly a little intimidated by the number of buttons. Like playing the accordion. But the locator light is a nice touch. I could use one of those on nearly everything I own, actually.

Cutting edge (edge, get it?) features include:

  • Interchangeable Rheostat and Selector intensity dials
  • Built-in receiver/collar location light with 4 selectable colors
  • User expandable to a two, three, or four dog system
  • Adjustable long/short contact points for different coat lengths

I do want to check out the switchable rheostat/selector system, but I’m still feeling like there are more bells and whistles than I ultimately need. Not to say I’m representative in any way, either of dog owners or dog trainers generally.

Because I own a black Lab myself, I’m sort of drawn to the flyer. You know, come to think of it, what I really need is not a locator light on my dog, but a motion detector. That way, when my black dog is laying in the shadows and my husband is pacing the floor, a collision might successfully be avoided.