Arson, male (neutered) Rottweiler mix (?)

Was found sniffing around our back gates early one Saturday morning last February. Has been socialized and trained. His canine social skills and natural attention to people are hard to beat. Gets along with all sizes and breeds. Probably between 18 and 24 months old. Handsome and healthy. We will miss him terribly, but want him to enjoy a real home of his own.

Phoebe, female (spayed) Dogue de Bordeaux

Is very reluctantly being offered for adoption by a family who loves her dearly, but recognizes she is not well-suited to life in downtown Chicago. She has had obedience training, is affectionate with children, enjoys walking on a treadmill, and is friendly with people and other large dogs, providing a proper introduction. She has lovely leash manners and is capable of walking past nearly any distraction, but will likely never be reliable off-leash with very small dogs. She is approximately 16 months old.

Arson and Phoebe are available for adoption to good homes. The above video was shot yesterday. Please contact us for more details.

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