I am posting to announce that following a ten-month hiatus, my status as a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (Knowledge Assessed) has been officially revived.

Note to Self: Stranger things have happened.

Please see past posts for details on my failed (or so I thought) protest of CCPDT policy, and the CCPDT’s subsequent (and totally unrelated, I’m sure) policy reversal.

I should say, it very likely was totally unrelated. After all, had the CCPDT Board been swayed by my arguments, even belatedly, I might logically have been informed once the offensive policy statement was revised. In case, you know, I wanted back in. As it was, I did not get the memo.

So, sadly, I can’t take any credit for the CCPDT’s recent reversal of its hardline ban on placing electronic training collars on any dog under one year of age. But I can still crash the party.

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