On Monday, we took “Arson” over to North Avenue Animal Hospital, where they were kind enough to scan him for us. No dice, as it turns out. And no signs outside.

So it looks as if Arson will be staying for the moment, at least until we can polish up his manners and assess his sociability with other dogs. So far, he has not been reactive toward dogs or people in the kennel, even when an intact male GSD was marched right up to his crate (they sniffed each other politely).

Today we shot the following (not very exciting) video, in which Arson is exposed to a social male pit bull, who is posted inside a run. I wouldn’t describe Arson’s reaction as particularly notable one way or the other, nor was there much variation between his reaction to a male versus a female. He did look quite playful for a few moments right toward the beginning, but that was not caught on tape.

Oh, and he’s got a bit of an underbite. So, what do you all think he’s made of after seeing him in movement?

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