No, but I do own this joint. By the way, nice coat.

We open the door here on Saturday mornings at 7:45 AM. Basic Obedience class starts promptly at 8:00 AM. My crack staff spotted this bad boy outside the kennel right before opening time, so took matters into their own hands and took him off the street for the day.

I am told he wasn’t hard to catch, although a little timid. I didn’t get a bad vibe off him later on when I stepped inside the run with a cot. A little fearful, possibly new to life outside his yard.

I’ll keep an eye out for signs in the neighborhood and see about having him checked for a chip. I’m thinking pit/rott mix, personally. Maybe around a year-plus old or so. His legs and feet are pretty thick.

If no chip and no signs, then I may be looking for takers.

© Ruth Crisler and Spot Check, 2011.