UPDATE: The CCPDT revised its policy statement on training practices in early August, 2011.

The CCPDT Responds

Below is the CCPDT’s response to the letter that accompanied my recent application to renew CPDT-KA certification. It explained my inability to sign CCPDT’s updated Ethics Code, due to its reference to their 2009 policy statement banning certificants from using electronic collars on any dog under one year of age. The board’s response followed two weeks of deliberation, or, more likely, a two week period within which my concerns were at some point very briefly deliberated.

It is by now safe to assume my arguments did not inspire the CCPDT to revisit the language within their 2009 policy statement on dog training practices. But even if it did, their taking the present opportunity to remove me from their ranks is hardly a shocker.

At any rate, here is what landed in my virtual mailbox yesterday afternoon.

Good afternoon Ruth:

Last evening the Board of Directors  of the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) discussed the reasons you submitted for which you believe you cannot sign and adhere strictly to the CCPDT Code of Ethics.  We appreciate your integrity and honesty.   However, insofar as the Code of Ethics is an integral part of our recertification process, your refusal to sign means you have not fulfilled the recertification requirements.  Regrettably, we must allow your CPDT-KA credential to lapse.


CCPDT Board of Directors

A Haiku Version

The more I contemplate the above four sentences, the more I regret the CCPDT did not think to craft their verdict into a pithy haiku for my digestion. That would have been inspired. Below is an example of the form, featuring a 5-7-5 syllable structure:

Concerns unwelcome

Integrity regretful

You are not worthy

I’m sure someone out there can do better, but you get the idea.

© Ruth Crisler and Spot Check, 2011.