I first met Ed Szablewski in 1998, while apprenticing at K9 University. He and I worked some morning shifts together. One night, someone tossed a beagle puppy over the fence of K9 U’s exercise yard. Ed named it Moses and took it home. He’s currently got a 16-year-old Great Dane mix that keeps on ticking. Anyhow, good dog man.

After we all left K9 U, Ed went back to work for Orkin. I’m sure the pay was better, but Ed always seemed a little wistful about his days working in the kennel.

This afternoon he showed up at See Spot Run with a big grin…and a little dog–a beagle mix in fact–named Odie.

Ed slipped me his card, which reads

Ed Szablewski

Bed Bug Dog Handler


I am told that Odie, trained by Bill Whitstine of the Florida Canine Academy, is never wrong. All I know is that the chances of All Being Right With The World are currently a good deal higher, now that Ed and Odie are partners.

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