I knew if I waited long enough, the two summers I spent in art school would eventually pay off. (They probably paid off at the time, come to think of it, in arrogance, affectation, and invitations to performance art clubs.)

Anyhow, my latent creative skills lately came in handy while designing new signage for the old factory building that houses our kennel.

Thanks to KMorgan Photography for the great shots of Atlas and Bella Mae. And thanks to real-life artist (and senior staff member) Keith Herzik for the action shot of Emmie.

Oh, and thanks to Sign*A*Rama (shouldn’t that be Sign*O*Rama?) for taking my mad stack of barter dollars in exchange for some kickin’ new signs.

Above are the images that will be used for the series of double-sided banners across the second story. And below is a proof of the old-school aluminum letters that will project from the building’s face, just above the door.

NOTE: When in need of communicating one’s design concept to the person with the software to make it happen, nothing beats the drawing on a napkin for crystal clarity. You may find discussions of proportions and orientations (even exact measurements and precisely cropped images) elucidating, but not everyone is like you. Words like vertical, horizontal, boarderless, 3×6, and cropped-to-fit, may or may not mean the same thing to you as to the average sign designer. But the drawing on a napkin? Works every time.

Just ask the folks over at Alpine Outfitters, who now offer a new ADJUSTABLE Urban Trail Harness

for use with multiple dogs and for people who are uncomfortable with precise measuring.

That’s what I’m talking about. People uncomfortable with precise measuring. More on the subject of that particular demographic in a future post.

As for the new signs, they should be up within the next couple weeks, thus officially ending See Spot Run’s status as kennel incognito.

© Ruth Crisler and Spot Check, 2010.