I really like a dog that can keep his act together outside the local coffee shop.

Needless to say, I never stray far from the door, just in case, you know, that dude with the wheelchair and the Chihuahua for sale comes back around.

By the way, if you like looking at dogs tethered to stuff, check out this blog.

On a semi-serious note, I actually rely on an exercise out of Pat Miller’s The Power of Positive Dog Training to combat don’t-you-dare-leave-me-tied-here-while-you-order-a-freaking-frappuccino syndrome.

It’s a brilliant use of negative punishment, and one of the only exercises I know that is capable of eliciting tears from the faint of heart. Of course, on those occasions it does, I whisper softly, “Don’t worry, I got this exercise from a positive reinforcement trainer, so it’s guaranteed humane.”

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