I’m embarrassed to admit how long it actually took me to finally settle on a name for my new dog.

A long freakin’ time.

His name is Atlas.

I know, not that original. But less obvious, pretentious, or annoying to shout in public than most of the names I ruled out. And meets my main criteria for a sound dog name:

  1. No more than two syllables
  2. Not easily morphed into some awful diminutive
  3. Not too challenging to spell or pronounce
  4. At least a little uncommon [Seems even the oddest names are rarely unique. I know more than one dog named Pancake, for example.]
  5. May be pronounced either softly or sharply

So, how does Atlas compare with dog names I’ve come up with in the past? Here they are, you be the judge:

  1. Halberd (a skinny, sharp, and generally unwieldy mix)
  2. Shay (named for a slang term for a carriage while I was driving them)
  3. Beatnik (a smallish and very handsome Rottweiler)
  4. Deacon (a Great Dane)
  5. Julep (a female Rott)
  6. Rooster (a terrier puppy that would reliably wake me at the crack of dawn)

Anyhow, glad that’s over. Time to move on.

© Ruth Crisler and Spot Check, 2010.