In my ongoing quest to transform See Spot Run’s exercise yard from asphalt jungle to urban oasis, I’m doing mucho research in the areas of landscape surfaces and dog park design.

After a vet I know raved about a dog park he’d visited in NYC, I looked into it’s design, which featured a cement wading pool/fountain surrounded by a poured part-rubber surface akin to what is currently used on basketball and tennis courts.

Okay, I know I probably cant afford it, but I really want one of those (the fountain, not the doodle).

But I’m skeptical. I contacted the Battery Park City Dog Association and they gave me the name and number of the designer they’d worked with.

First, let me tell you, it always impresses me when anybody answers his phone. Second, this woman knows her materials and doesn’t mind sharing information. She’s designed several NYC dog parks and is familiar with many others. She probably spent half an hour talking to me, despite the fact it stood to profit her not one thin dime.

Turns out the rubberized surface did not hold up (no surprise there). It has since been replaced by asphalt. But the fountain has held up and is quite popular. I asked about asphalt and heat retention, and she pointed me toward a light-colored coating product called Street Print.

Of course, I also asked about decomposed granite, the surface I’m most intrigued by at present. She said she’d tried to interest her clients in it, but had to rule it out due to the their insistence on power washing. She did provide me a list of NYC dog parks that have incorporated DG. Here’s one example from the East Village. I like the pictures, although I have some concerns about that husky in the bottom frame.

Anyhow, I really want my own cement pond, hold the hillbillies. Will keep you posted.