People that have known me for any length of time have heard me say some version of the following:

I think before I’d spend [what strikes me as an excessive amount of money] on [something with no guarantee of success, like certain cancer treatments or surgeries, or even lengthy and expensive behavior rehabilitation] for that dog, I’d think about building a school in Africa.

I generally mutter such stuff in cases where thousands of dollars are thrown at a dog with no obvious prospects, like the bulldog I once met, who despite biting three foster people in a row, was scheduled for eye surgery. You get the picture.

Life is a zero sum game in many respects. We choose where to put our resources. As a trainer, I try to focus any time or money I have to spare on worthy dogs and worthwhile endeavors. Needless to say, the chances of my ever being involved in building a school in Africa are pretty slim. But it seems a longtime client and friend of See Spot Run has been putting her own time and effort toward a project in the Lake Tanganyika basin that manages to compel my attention despite having nothing whatever to do with dogs.

So before sending that contribution to Caboodle Ranch for more cat food and Entenmann’s donuts, have a look at this video. And just so you know, Amy Lehman is the owner of three kick-ass working-line German Shepherds.

Lake Tanganyika / Floating Health Clinic from East Pleasant Pictures on Vimeo.